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  1. Inner cities have seen a rise on the middle class population. This population is mainly comprised of young educated people who are tired of the long commutes from suburbia into main cities for better work opportunities and increased salaries. This increase in the middle class is however, pushing other people such as the working class population out of the area. This is essentially taking away the diversity in the area, a common desire for people moving into the inner city.

    Due to the large number of young educated people moving to or wanting to live in the inner city, gentrification has occurred. The cost of housing in these areas have increased to a point where homes are no longer considered affordable to the middle class. However, as an upside to the gentrification, things such as farmers markets have been introduced into inner cities by the young ‘hipster’ population living in the areas.

    With the increasing cost of housing in the inner cities and the issues surrounding public transportation and traffic congestion from suburbia into main cities, is it possible to live and work in the same area and still be considered affordable. Is there another option for families who depend on higher salaries to have the best of both worlds?

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