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  1. Public housing was originally built to encourage people to move to areas surrounding major cities as well as encourage businesses to move to these suburbs close to where the workers would live, essentially building new smaller cities. These houses were built using cheap materials and the design ideas were rather poor. Due to the design of the houses, people who were after better job prospects moved into these houses, rather than people who already had money. However, many companies moved their business overseas meaning there were no jobs for the people with hopes of getting a better job who had moved into public housing. People who had enough money moved out of the area, essentially leaving all the disadvantaged people in the community. With the entire community being made up of mostly disadvantaged people, it created an unsafe community where crime rates increased.

    By creating large areas of public housing or even designing gated communities, we are essentially causing inequality within communities and cities. Public housing is seen as homes for the less fortunate members of the community. This differs greatly to gated communities. This form of housing is seen throughout the world as a more expensive, luxurious and desirable way to live as they are living away from the rest of the city and the disadvantage they face.

    So should we be encouraging this degree of inequality or should we be trying to rectify the inequality seen in many communities?

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