SOC234 2018 Lab11 – South West Sydney

Dear SOC234 Lab,

Please respond to the following question with a reply-post of no more than 250 words:

‘What are the key principles and challenges of ethical research?”

Remember that you will need to post your reply before Lab 11, and don’t forget to look at both the instructions for Tweeting and Blogging and the Lab and Lecture Guide, both up on Moodle.

Thanks and good luck, Roger.

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Kiara Montenegro said : Guest Report 9 months ago

Ethical research explores the ethical principles and values of individuals in society. It is shown that such research involves decisions between one course of action to another which references what is morally right or wrong and raises unique and complex legal, political and social issues (Walter, M. 2013). Most people would learn ethical teachings at home, at school, in church, or in any other social setting (Etherington, K. 2007). Although ethical research is one of the most common types of study used when understanding society and the way it works, there are many key principles and challenges that researchers must take into account when performing this research. These challenges include researchers keeping in mind of the relationship that is established between themselves and participants in their study as they must face problems such as respect for privacy and avoiding misrepresentations. By doing so, they are provided with applicable and trustworthy outcomes. Another challenge that a researcher must face is to make sure that they minimize the number of risks of harm to participants as some people may wish to hurt them when sharing certain information. A researcher must also give participants the right to withdraw from the study if they are feeling threatened or uncomfortable, allowing them to feel more safe and secure when sharing information. (Sanjari, M., Bahramnezhad, F., Fomani, F. K., Shoghi, M., & Cheraghi, M. A. 2014). Ethical researching are challenged by issues that reflect everyday issues and aims to do more good than bad (Walter, M. 2013). #S234UOW18 #Lab11 #SWS References: Etherington, K. (2007). Ethical research in reflexive relationships. Qualitative inquiry, 13(5), pp.599-616. Sanjari, M., Bahramnezhad, F., Fomani, F. K., Shoghi, M., & Cheraghi, M. A. (2014). Ethical challenges of researchers in qualitative studies: the necessity to develop a specific guideline. Journal of Medical Ethics and History of Medicine, 7, 14. Walter, M. (2013). Social Research Methods. 3rd ed. Australia: Oxford University Press, pp.119-353.

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