SOC344 2018 Tut11 – Shoalhaven

For this week, you need to watch the video/photo montage compilation and post a comment or tweet. Let’s see what you’ve learned, and what you think others have learned and expressed, about how emotions and bodies are experienced, constructed, and managed in society.

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Andy Stevens UOW SHOALHAVEN said : Guest Report a week ago

The concept of how emotions are constructed, managed and experienced in society starts with the two basic fundamentals of Reasoning and Emotion. Sociology has now come to an understanding that Reasoning and Emotion interrelate with each other. According to the Barbalet (1998) reading, Webber believed feelings were “compulsive and disruptive” and that they are “vague” because they are “mental experiences “introjected’ into us”. Webber basically points out that emotions are controlled and created by the body and not the mind. When observing the Walt Disney “Reasoning and Emotions’ cartoon set in this week’s reading it proves Webber wrong. What this cartoon displays to the audience is that Reasoning “controls” emotion and they work side by side together in the human brain. Politicians such as Donald Trump use this “Reasoning” to get their message across e.g Make America Great Again, More Jobs. President Donald Trump has used emotion e.g I am not a Politician, Washington has let us down. This is how he has gained popularity. This is an example of how people in society are constructing and managing others in society mentally to create a positive experience in their minds of their character. #S344UOW18 #Tut11 #Shoal

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