SOC208 2019 Tut 1 Mon 1130 – How are Cities, Communities and Families connected?

What kind of house did you grow up? What kind of family did you grow up with, and did it suit that house? We often take for granted that our childhood houses and families are ‘natural’ forms that we should try to emulate, in particular, the much-venerated nuclear family embedded in a leafy or coastal Australian suburb.

However, is this future desirable and possible? With housing costs increasing, and commuting times from home to work becoming ridiculous, is the great Australian dream of a nuclear family in a suburban house on a quarter-acre block becoming a thing of the past? And if the two don’t fit together any more, which would you rather change – your family or your home?

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Emily Axam said : Guest Report a month ago

I grew up in a 3-bedroom house in coastal Suburbia. I grew up in a family that began Nuclear, and later changed to a single parent family. Our house would have been more comfortable with one extra room, although we did construct my bedroom (as I’m the youngest) from an extremely large walk-in wardrobe, so we were comfortable. In saying that, if I had grown up in a consistent Nuclear family with a four-bedroom house, I may have looked at such living conditions in a completely different way. Would I be okay with living in a large walk-in wardrobe? Would I feel comfortable sharing a room? Would I feel able to cope in a single parent family? In relation to the possibility of living in a desired circumstance such as the one I grew up in, I am sure it is quite possible. Yes, the cost of living is rising as well as the housing market, but I do that does not mean it is impossible, it is just significantly harder. I do believe that the great ‘Australian Dream’ is becoming a thing of the past, seeing that most people I know have claimed the would love to either move to the ‘big city’ or to peaceful farmland. These dreams fit the long commuting efforts and increasing cost of living more conveniently than the ‘Aussie suburban dream’, so maybe that is how these economical changes are affecting us Australians? For me personally, if I had to choose to change my family or my home, I would change my home.

Meaad Alqahtani said : Guest Report a month ago

I grew up with two parents , two sisters and three brothers in a town house north Saudi Arabia. it was simple house, but it has a lot of fun and beautiful memories. Everyday, we gather on the launch and dinner time. The house has big back yard so we spent long time out side together.

Rhiannon Mackie said : Guest Report a month ago

I grew up with two parents and a sibling in a house that was built by my grandfather, in western Sydney. I think that the rising struggle to afford the "dream" house is causing a lot of young families to choose to rent and not own their own homes and with increased high rise apartment blocks being built on empty lots, we may not have a lot of land left in twenty or so years for people who can afford to buy acreage. I definitely would choose family over, housing situations and i wouldn't sacrifice that for the "dream" house.

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