Books, Book Chapters, Special Editions and Discussion Papers

Books and Special Editions

  1. Olson, Rebecca, Godbold, Natalya, Patulny, Roger (2015). Methodological Innovations in the Sociology of Emotions Part Two – Methods, Special Section of Emotion Review.
  2. Patulny, Roger, Godbold, Natalya, Olson, Rebecca (2015). Embracing Emotional Research: Methodological Challenges in the Sociology of Emotions. Special Section of Emotion Review.
  3. Patulny, Roger, Smith, Gavin and Cortis, Natasha (2012). Emotions in Social Life: New Advances in Sociological and Policy Research, Special Edition of Australian Journal of Social Issues.
  4. Patulny, Roger (2010) Society Building – Welfare, Time and Social Capital. Saarbrueken: VDM Verlag.


Discussion Papers and Book Chapters

  1. Patulny, Roger (2015) ‘A spectrum of integration: Examining combinations of bonding and bridging social capital and network heterogeneity amongst Australian refugee and skilled migrants’. Chapter 12 in Louise Ryan (ed) Migrant capital: networks, identities and strategies. Palgrave Macmillan, p207-229.
  2. Patulny, Roger, Ioana Ramia (2013) Time and emotion in public and private spaces. In Sharon Wray and Rosemary Rae (ed) ‘Personal and Public Lives and Relationships in a Changing Social World. Cambridge Scholar Publishing, p58-78.
  3. Patulny, Roger, Pini, Barbara (2013) Counting men: Quantitative approaches to the study of men and masculinities. In Pini, Barbara and Pease, Bob (ed) Masculinities and Methodologies. Routledge, London p115-128.
  4. Sturgis, Patrick , Patulny, Roger, Allum, Nick, Buscha, Franz (2012). Social connectedness and generalized trust: a longitudinal perspective. ISER Working Paper Series: 2012-19.
  5. Allum, Nick., Patulny Roger., Read, Sanna. & Sturgis, Patrick. (2010) ‘Re-evaluating the links between social trust, institutional trust and civic association in Europe’ in Stillwell et al (eds), Spatial and Social Disparities: Understanding Population Trends and Processes, Vol 2, Springer: London, p199-216.
  6. Patulny, Roger (2009) The Sociability of Nations: international comparisons in bonding, bridging and linking social capital. In Svendsen and Svendsen (ed) ‘Hand Book of Social Capital’, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, p402-427.
  7. Norris, Kate and Patulny, Roger (2005), Values and Votes in Global Sustainability, SPRC Discussion Paper No 140, March 2005, p1-20.
  8. Patulny, Roger (2005), Social Capital and Welfare: Dependency or Division? Examining Bridging Trends by Welfare Regime, 1981 to 2000, SPRC Discussion Paper No 138, February 2005, p1-22.
  9. Patulny, Roger (2004), Material Implications for Social Capital in Cheney, Helen, Katz, Evie, and Solomon, Fiona (ed) ‘Sustainability and Social Science Roundtable Proceedings’, Institute of Sustainable Futures and CSIRO Minerals, July 2004.
  10. Patulny, Roger (2004) Social Capital Norms, Networks and Practices – A Critical Evaluation SPRC Discussion Paper No 134, June 2004, p1-35.