SOC234 Week 12 Ethics/Exam Q&A – Fiona

Dear SOC234 Students,

Please leave your Week 12 questions regarding the Week 11 Ethics topic, and the SOC234 Exam here as comments for your tutor, and they will respond to them between Monday and Wednesday. These are designed to help you prepare for the exam, and will accompany the Q&A session you will have with me during this week as well.



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Rhonelle South said : Guest Report 9 months ago

Hi Fiona, 1. what will the exam layout/format be? 2. Should we read other readings than the essential one noted for each lecture and to what degree will the readings be included in the exam? 3. confirm number of questions and time. 4. what does open book entail? 5. Is it during our normal tut time of 9.30 to 11.30? next week Wednesday 30th May? Regards Rhonnie

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