UOW Subjects

Welcome UOW SOC103 'Introduction to Sociology', SOC327 'Emotions, Bodies and Society' and SOC231 'Social Research Methods' Students! I will post comments and links on this site relevant to these subject throughout the semester. You can see and respond to these (and to any other comments) by clicking 'Posts' link in the header menu above, or by searching for your subject and tut comments in the search box below. You will need to enter #S103UOW16 or #S327UOW16 in the search box, along with your week (e.g. #Wk1) and for SOC103, your tut/lab (e.g. #Wed 1.30). Good luck in Week 1!

Research and Commentary

I research and comment on a range of sociological topics, including emotions, gender, social support and contact, trust and social capital. Please follow the publications, grants and media links in the header menu above for more details.

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